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Looking to learn how to make it big on youtube? Want to learn how to become a successful Youtuber?


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What is in the Course?

This course features:

- 27+ videos of straightforward and to-the-point video content. Not like other courses that spend 8+ hours on content that 99% of youtubers will never use (that also cost over $300+)

-Setting Up A Youtube Channel

-How to Make Professional Youtube Thumbnails and Channel Art Fast!

-An in-depth walkthrough of how to make a video and what equipment you can use!

-An overview of how to edit and upload a video

-Strategies of how to grow your audience, and what kind of videos you should make

-A very detailed series on analytics and how you can use youtube's creator tools to help your channel grow



Become any kind of Youtuber

I have gotten millions of views with many different genres of youtube channels (business, personal brand, gaming, music, and science). The tricks I will teach you, apply to nearly any kind of youtube channel

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